Our podcast is now live and can be found on Spotify and Apple! The podcast was created by Douglas Brown, a two time kidney recipient and is now hosted by kidney recipient and Chef John Vito. We will feature different guests each episode including patients, family members and their loved ones, clinicians, recipients, donors and donor families, organ procurement professionals, elected officials and the list goes on! The goals of the podcast are to provide real information on what it’s like to live with kidney disease directly from your peers, share clinical updates, discuss current public policy issues, and more! 

Have a subject you want to hear or are you interested in being on the show? Send a note to info@healthykidneys.org

Episode One — July 1, 2020  Welcome to the Show!
Episode Two — July 15, 2020   Kidney Meets, Eats & Greets Featuring Chef John Vito
Episide Three – August 3, 2020 Donation and Transplant — Where Does the Gap Lie? Featuring Aisha Tator, Executive Director of Donate Life NYS)
Episode Four — August 19, 2020 Communicating with Your Kidneys, featuring Dr. Kristine McKenna
Episode Five –– The Kidney Disease Screening Process featuring Ms. Amoinca Abbou Fezzi
Episode Six — COVID 19 and its Affect on the Renal System Featuring Dr. Andrew Bomback
Episode Seven–  The Gift that Keeps Giving featuring donor dad Dexter Criss sharing his family’s story
Episode Eight — October 26, 2020 — Meet and Greet with the NeKF Staff
Episode Nine — November 5, 2020 — Diabetes & The CKD Connection featuring Ms.Alexandra Snyder

Episode Ten — The Kidney Diet Featuring guest Jessianna Saville, Renal Dieticitian

Episode 11 — Living Well with Kidney Disease featuring patient advocate Mary Wu!

Our Podcast is available for download on the links above or on Apple , Spotify and I-tunes! Do you have a subject you’d like tio hear about? Send your suggestion to info@healthykidneys,org.

Watch for the next episode to drop on February 10 featuring a discusion on all things kidney diet related!