We all know that the kidney diet can be challenging to navigate, but with a few tips from someone in the know, it doesn’t have to be! It can be fun, nutritious and delicous all at the same time. Our kidney chef will show you how! John is a restauranter, chef, former dialysis patient and now a transplant recipient who is in the know about the kidney diiet! Each session will feature a demonstration and recipe that will help you stay on track witht he kidney diet while also learning fun, delicous, and easy to use recipies that will make cooking for the kidneys something to savor!

Check out Chef preparing three delicious summer recipes!  You can also listen to him on our Real Kidney Living Podcast talking all things summer eating!
His session for renal dieticians can be found here focusing on proteins including chicken, greens and beans and hummus!
The Sepember 24 session featuring a kidney friendly, traditional Texas Chili recipe and a signature pasta dish can be found here!

Our next session is scheduled for Tuesday November 17 at 6 pm. Chef will be preparing some Thanksgiving treats! Registration is required. Register here.