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Support the Northeast Kidney Foundation

One out of every two adults is at risk for developing chronic kidney disease over the course of their lifetime.  Your support provides the tools needed to make a difference!  There are many ways to support the Northeast Kidney Foundation. Donate a car, boat or truck, stock or make a monetary contribution or support us through volunteering a few hours each month. In whatever way you can show your support, know that you are helping thousands throughout the Northeast affected by chronic kidney disease and organ donation.   Follow the links below for more information.

The Northeast Kidney Foundation offers valuable partnership opportunities throughout the year that provide our business partners with television, radio, print and internet marketing opportunities, as well as premiere community event opportunities that attract top level executives, decision makers and consumers throughout the Northeast!  Let us provide a partnership program that is right for your business.  Contact us at 518-458-9697 or email

Don’t trade in that old car!  Donate it to the Northeast Kidney Foundation and it can be used to fund patient assistance, community screening programs and more!  Start the donation process here.

Make an online, secure gift now.  Gifts fund patient programs and services, free community screenings, healthcare advocacy and more!

Participate in an upcoming event!  Whether you want to walk, run, play golf or attend a gala, we have an event close to you in 2012!  Email for information on all of our upcoming events or visit our calendar for details.

Become a patient advocate and join the network of thousands across the country working to improve lives for kidney and transplant patients!  Email to  learn how you can become a kidney advocate.

Can you spare a few hours a month to make a difference?  Email to learn about our volunteer opportunities.

Are you interested in helping the NeKF raise money?  There are many ways you can do this – host a garage sale,  bowling tournament, a “friend raiser”, a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner through your local fire department, or ask a local coffee shop or restaurant to help you in your efforts by selling kidney cutouts or sponsoring another kind of promotion.  We can help you in your efforts!  Email for more information or cal 518-533-7880.