Volunteer for the Northeast Kidney Foundation.

What can I do?

The Northeast Kidney Foundation needs people like you to help with programs, serve on committees, organize events, give talks and/or stafff health fair booths, assist with legislative efforts, raise money to fight kidney disease & promote organ & tissue donation.

If you want…

  • A volunteer job with a fixed schedule or greater flexibility
  • A set time commitment or an open-ended time frame
  • An on-going volunteer job or a one-time only job
  • To volunteer on a team
  • To volunteer in a group
  • To volunteer on a committee
  • A hands-on job with lots of freedom to make decisions
  • Leadership responsibility
  • To make lives better

Volunteering for the NeKF provides the oppotunity for you to:

  • Develop new relationships
  • Be a leader
  • Be recognized
  • Use your talents
  • Add variety to your life
  • Grow personally
  • Develop lifelong skills
  • Respond to the needs of others

This is your chance to make a difference!


Help us make a difference.
Volunteer today!