Children develop kidney disease for a number of reasons.

These may be congenital abnormalities of the kidneys, inflammatory conditions, or chronic urinary tract infections. Whatever the cause, chronic kidney failure in a child is a permanent condition. The consequences impact both the child’s life and the family’s circumstances. Chronic kidney failure affects every organ in a child, and it’s not only a physical condition.

Children on a treatment plan or dialysis miss a significant amount of schooling and quickly fall behind. Lack of contact with friends and a distorted body image based on chronic swelling or short stature makes them feel different and often leads to a sense of isolation and depression. Parents are placed under enormous financial and emotional stress by caring for a child with a life-threatening disease.

The Northeast Kidney Foundation eases those burdens by providing pediatric support services to these children and their families. The Foundation’s staff, volunteers, and array of services ensures that these children and their families face the headwinds of treatment with support and empathy.

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