We are pleased to announce an all new Kidney Caregiver program. This program will utilize trained volunteers to offer a variety of caregiver services, initially focusing on friendly telephone visits with patients and caregivers.

COVID-19 has brought all new challenges in keeping our kidney community connected. With both patients and caregivers feeling the burdens of isolation combined with an all new normal of having to be extra cautious in how we venture out, we have received requests to help patients that are feeling a bit of isolation and disconnection. Our volunteers are here to help! You can request a friendly visit at a time that is most convenient for you and we will match you with a volunteer to call and chat with you! We hope to initially offer this service for six months and then evaluate it in order to expand the services to things like assistance with shopping and other errands, possibly occasional transport to medical appointments and more!

If you are interested in being a kidney caregiver, contact Carol at 518-527-6236 or email info@healthykidneys.org. Patients and family members wishing to take advantage of this service should contact their social worker at their unit or call Carol at the number above.