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Support Groups:
Join us for our monthly support group, the Kidney Club. Held virtually the 2nd Sunday of every month, the group is facilitated by Tina Sheridan, a transplant recipient. Each session offers an educational topic combined with an opportunity for open discussion and sharing. You don’t have to walk this journey alone! Participate in the Kidney Club and connect with your peers! Open to patients (CKD, dialysis and transplant recipients), family members, caregivers or anyone in your circle that wants to support you on your journey! Visit our calendar of events for upcoming meeting dates and information.

Dialysis Hope Totes:
We offer patients within the first 30 days of dialysis treatment a  Hope Tote, a  tote bag containing useful information and items that will help navigating your journey through dialysis a little easier! Each tote bag contains a pill box, hand sanitizer, “You are a Dialysis Patient” book, a Renal Exchange Booklet, information on fluid management and the importance of adhering to your treatment schedule, kidney friendly recipes, flyers on events and programs and other useful information.  If you are within the first 30 days of dialysis treatment, speak with your social worker to request your Hope Tote!

Kidney Caregivers:
Are you a patient or caregiver that is feeling isolated? These are challenging times that we are in and COVID-19 has changed our way of life. You don’t have to feel isolated! We have kidney caregivers standing by! Kidney Caregivers are a trained group of volunteers that conduct weekly (or whatever schedule is needed and agreed upon) telephone visits with patients and caregivers. It’s just a visit — a friendly chat with a new friend that can help you during these challenging times. If you are interested in volunteering for the program or would like a kidney caregiver assigned to you, email

Patient Outings:
The NeKF offers several yearly patient and family outings, including an annual summer picnic and a holiday party for pediatric kidney patients and their families.  Kidney disease can be overwhelming and the opportunity to connect with others that have similar challenges is vital to empowering patients.  Email for more information.

Medical I.D. Jewelry:
The NeKF provides patients with free medical I.D. necklaces and bracelets that contain important medical information in case of an emergency.  Contact your social worker for an application or email for more information.  

Emergency Assistance:
The NeKF offers emergency grants to patients in unforeseen, yet resolvable, financial crisis.  Grant funds can be used for medical, housing and nutrition expenses.  Contact your social worker for an application or email  Funding is not guaranteed and is subject to availability.

Transportation Subsidies:
The NeKF provides funds for non-Medicaid patients to subsidize the cost of travel to and from dialysis treatment units.  Contact your social worker for an application or email for information.  Funding is not guaranteed and is subject to availability

Nutrition Supplements:
The NeKF provides nutrition supplements for dialysis patients that are exhibiting symptoms of malnourishment.  Email for information.  Funding is not guaranteed and is subject to availability

For a complete guide to our patient assistance funds including policies and procedures, click here.  

Kidney Connection:
Are you waiting for a kidney transplant? Then you will want to know about the Kidney Connection. The Kidney Connection is a free service where those waiting for a transplant can upload their profile in the hope that an altruistic donor steps forward! It’s easy to share your story and you never know, there might be a donor out there just waiting for you! Kidney Connection is a partner organization to the NeKF. Upload your profile to the Albany area here, the Rochester area here and the Western New York area here.  Just a note…we have had successful transplants occur because of the Kidney Connection. Will you be next?