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Chef John Vito


Join Chef John Vito as he combines his knowledge of the kidney diet with food science to bring patients and renal dieticians great recipes that will make navigating the kidney diet easier and tastier! Chef John Vito is a restauranter, author, former dialysis patient, and transplant recipient.



This podcast series, hosted by two-time kidney transplant recipient Douglas Brown, covers a range of topics from chronic kidney disease to dialysis to transplantation and more!


Patient Education

The NeKF offers programs on wellness, networking and vocational rehabilitation for patients and families, including monthly “Kidney Club” support group meetings. Kidney Club meetings are currently held virtually 2nd Sunday of the month from 12 noon until 2 pm at the NeKF office at 22 Colvin Avenue in Albany. Call 518-533-7880 to learn more. You can request more information here.

Professional Education

We support numerous symposiums for physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals on kidney disease and transplantation, current treatment trends and medical advances.  Check our calendar for upcoming programs!

Speaking from Experience

The NeKF maintains a roster of available speakers, including medical experts, organ donors, transplant recipients, and patients who are available to speak at public education programs and to community, civic and professional organizations on a wide variety of topics related to renal disease and organ donation. Please allow at least three weeks notice for speaker requests. Email info@healthykidneys.org with the date, location, time of your program, topic needed, and time allotted.

Organ Donation

The NeKF actively supports organ donation through media presence, advocacy, and the distribution of organ donor cards and information. We also support efforts for local transplant and bone marrow recipients to participate in the U.S. Transplant Games. For more information, email info@healthykidneys.org

Renal Representatives

The NeKF coordinates a grassroots legislative advocacy program for health care reforms with the support of concerned patients, medical professionals, families and volunteers throughout the Northeast as well as at the federal level. Each March our renal representatives visit the Legislative Office Building in Albany to meet with legislators about issues affecting patient care and transplantation. To learn how you can lend your voice to this effort, email info@healthykidneys.org. Check out our legislative action center for information on current issues.

Health Fairs

The NeKF participates in community health fairs to educate the public about kidney and related diseases, organ donation, the NeKF and its services. If you would like the NeKF to come to your event and provide free information, email info@healthykidneys.org

Kidney Screening Program

The NeKF offers a free community screening program to screen at risk individuals for early signs of kidney disease.   The program includes a health history questionnaire that helps us assess risk factors; height, weight and blood pressure measurements; bmi calculation; glucose test; and blood draw for a complete lipid assessment and eGFR calculation.  Program also includes a consultation with a physician or other allied health professional.  Check our calendar for upcoming screening dates or email info@healthykidneys.org.

Risk Assessment Program

The NeKF offers a risk assessment program to help educate participants about their risk factors for kidney disease. The program consists of a brief questionnaire, a BMI measurement, a hypertension (blood pressure) check and depending on your needs, can also include a glucose check or urinalysis. Contact info@healthykidneys.org for information on upcoming risk assessments or to schedule one for your organization.

Corporate Wellness

The NeKF can be your wellness partner, working with your human resources department or health benefits manager to provide wellness services focused on prevention. Whether it’s a blood pressure clinic, a nutrition class or an educational session focused on keeping your kidneys healthy, let us customize a program that is right or you. Email info@healthykidneys.org or call 518-533-7880 for more information.

Kidney Classroom

The NeKF offers a school based educational program designed to teach kids about kidney function, making healthy choices, lifelong kidney health, with discussion also focused on dialysis and transplantation when appropriate, generally when one or more of the children has a relative that has been affected. The program aims to instill positive change that can be implemented in both the school and home environment, is interactive, provides take home materials. It can also be tailored for any age from K-12. For information contact info@healthykidneys.org. Thank you to Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation for sponsoring this program!

Transplant Games of America

The NeKF supports a team of local transplant recipients to compete at the Transplant Games of America.  The transplant games celebrate life, pay tribute to organ donors and donor families, bring awareness to the need for more organ donors and demonstrate the success of transplantation.  If you are a transplant or bone marrow recipient, a living donor or donor family and would like to get involved in the transplant games or in becoming a donation and transplant advocate, please email info@healthykidneys.org.

Would you like the Northeast Kidney Foundation to be at your next event?

Are you interested in learning more about chronic kidney disease? Are you hosting a community health event and would like our participation? Are you looking for a speaker on the topics of kidney disease, transplantation, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dialysis, or other topics? We can help! To request our participation at a business or community event, simply complete the  event request form and either mail is to our office located at 22 Colvin Ave, Albany, NY 12206 or email it to us at info@healthykidneys.org. You can also fax it to 518-458-9690.

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