Real talk from kidney transplant recipient Douglas Brown.

Our podcast series “Real Kidney Living” covers a range of topics from chronic kidney disease to dialysis to transplantation and more! Hosted by two time kidney transplant recipient Douglas Brown, you will hear real talk about navigating kidney disease and transplantation.

Available episodes.

Cooking For Your Kidneys

In this episode, Chef John Vito shares his kidney journey as well as tips and recipes to accommodate a renal diet (46 minutes).

Importance of Minority Donation Awareness

In this episode, we talk about National Minority Donor Awareness Month and its focus on improving the quality of life for diverse communities in need of organ, eye, and tissue donation (28 minutes).

Interview w/ Psychologist Dr. Kristine McKenna

In this episode, we talk with psychologist Dr. Kristine McKenna about a variety of topics including coping mechanisms, the relationship between patient and provider, and other tops of interest to the transplant community (31 minutes).

Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness

In this episode, we talk with Ms. Monica Abou-Ezzi about the importance of kidney disease screening and her amazing work expanding the Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program nationally (41 minutes).