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Programs And Services

The mission of the Northeast Kidney Foundation is to improve the quality of life of those affected by kidney disease and related conditions by early identification, intervention and prevention; to promote organ donation; and to empower those we serve to be an effective voice for better healthcare at the local, state and federal levels. To this end, the Foundation offers the following services to assist those facing the challenges of kidney disease. For more information regarding these services, please call (800) 999-9697 or email


  • To access an online GFR calculator for adults, click here.
  • To access an online GFR calculator for children, click here
  • For additional clinical and diagnostic tools and resources, click here.
  • For complete clinical practice guidelines for cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, nephropathy screening, nutrition and hypertension, click here


Patient Education:

The NeKF offers programs on wellness, networking and vocational rehabilitation for patients and families, including monthly “Kidney Club” support group meetings.  Kidney Club meetings are held the 2nd Sunday or every month from 12 noon until 2 pm and offer an opportunity to interact with other patients and family members in a supportive environment.  Email for more information.

Professional Education:

We support numerous symposiums for physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals on kidney disease and transplantation current treatment trends and medical advances.  We also provide stipends for professionals to attend national meetings conducted by the National Kidney Foundation, American Society of Nephrology, and National Kidney Foundation.  Stipends are provided as funding allows.  Individuals must submit a written request with one professional reference.  Email

Speaking from Experience/ Public Education:

The NeKF maintains a roster of available speakers, including medical experts, organ donors, transplant recipients, and patients who are available to speak at public education programs and to community, civic and professional organizations on a wide variety of topics related to renal disease and organ donation.  Please allow at least three weeks notice for speaker requests. Email with the date, location, time of your program, topic needed, and time allotted.

Organ Donation:

The NeKF actively supports organ donation through media presence, advocacy, and the distribution of organ donor cards and information.  We also support efforts for local transplant and bone marrow recipients to participate in the U.S. Transplant Games.  For more information, email

Renal Representatives:

The NeKF coordinates a grassroots legislative advocacy program for health care reforms with the support of concerned patients, medical professionals, families and volunteers in throughout the Northeast as well as at the federal level.  Each March our renal representatives visit the Legislative Office Building in Albany to meet with legislators about issues affecting patient care and transplantation.  Join us on March 29, 2011 for our NYS Kidney Advocacy Day.  Email kathe@healthykidneys.orgfor more information.

Health Fairs:

The NeKF participates in community health fairs to educate the public about kidney and related diseases, organ donation, the NeKF and its services.  If you would like the NeKF to come to your event and provide free information, email

Kidney Screening Program:

The NeKF offers a community screening program where participants are tested for early signs of kidney disease.  The kidney screening program is a comprehensive screening process that identifies among other things signs of hypertention and diabetes, the two leading causes of kidney disease.  The screening program is a comprehensive process where participants complete a health history questionnaire to assess risk factors; have height, weight and blood pressure meaurements; have urinalysis conducted to look for signs of protein and blood in the urine; a glucose test; blood tests to determine how well your kidneys are filtering blood and a GFR calculation to tell your kidney function; and a physcian consultation.  Click here for a brochure on the kidney screening program, including dates of upcoming screenings.  To schedule an appointment for an upcoming screening or to schedule a screening for your community organization, email Please allow eight weeks advance notice to schedule a screening program at your facility.   The Kidney Screening Program is sponsored by Pfizer, PhrMa with additional grand funding provided by the Community Foundation of the Capital Region.

Corporate Wellness:

The NeKF can be your wellness partner, working with your human resources department or health benefits manager to provide wellness services focused on prevention.  Whether it’s a blood pressure clinic, a nutrition class or an educational session focused on keeping your kidneys healthy, let us customize a program that is right or you.  Email or call 518-533-7880 for more information.

Kidney Classroom:

The NeKF offers a school based educational program designed to teach kids about kidney function, making healthy choices, lifelong kidney health, with discussion also focused on dialysis and transplantation when appropriate, generally when one or more of the children has a relative that has been affected.  The program aims to instill positive change that can be implemented in both the school and home environment, is interactive, provides take home materials.  It can also be tailored for any age from K-12.  For information contact  To print a flyer on the program, click here.  Special Announcement:  Kidney Classroom is sponsored by Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation, Genentech and Amgen.

Risk Assessment Program:

The NeKF offers a risk assessment program to help educate participants about their risk factors for kidney disease.  The program consists of a brief questionnaire, a BMI measurement, a hypertension (blood pressure) check and depending on your needs, can also include a glucose check or urinalysis.  Contact for information on upcoming risk assessments or to schedule one for your organization.


Summer Camperships:

The NeKF provides funding for school age dialysis and transplant patients to attend a summer camp in the Catskills.  For information email

Transplant Games of America:

The NeKF supports a team of local transplant recipients to compete at the Transplant Games of America.  The transplant games celebrate life, pay tribute to organ donors and donor families, bring awareness to the need for more organ donors and demonstrate the success of transplantation.  If you are a transplant or bone marrow recipient, a living donor or donor family and would like to get involved in the transplant games or in becoming a donation and transplant advocate, please email

Support Groups:

The NeKF hosts the Kidney Club, a monthly support group that provides information as well as volunteer kidney buddies that are on hand to assist patients and families.  Meetings are currently held in Albany, Buffalo, Fishkill, Irving, Niagara Falls and Oneonta.  Please contact for more information.

Patient Outings:

The NeKF offers several yearly patient and family outings, including an annual summer picnic and a holiday party for pediatric kidney patients and their families.  Kidney disease can be overwhelming and the opportunity to connect with others that have similar challenges is vital to empowering patients.  Email for more information.

Medical I.D. Jewelry:

The NeKF provides patients with free medical I.D. necklaces and bracelets that contain important medical information in case of an emergency.  Contact your social worker for an application or email for more information.   EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE Emergency Grants: The NeKF offers emergency grants to patients in unforeseen, yet resolvable, financial crisis.  Grant funds can be used for medical, housing and nutrition expenses.  Contact your social worker for an application or email  Funding is not guaranteed and is subject to availability. Transportation Subsidies: The NeKF provides funds for non-Medicaid patients to subsidize the cost of travel to and from dialysis treatment units.  Contact your social worker for an application or email for information.  Funding is not guaranteed and is subject to availability  For a complete guide to our patient assistance funds including policies and procedures, click here.  


Research Grants:

The NeKF awards grants to local researchers on an annual basis to seek cures for kidney disease and renal failure and to improve the quality of life for renal patients.  Research funding is dependent on available funding.  If funds are available, applications will be accepted in September of each year.  Email for more information.

Shane Leone Memorial Scholarship:

The NeKF offers a scholarship program for young adults affected by kidney disease or organ donation.  Awards are given each May. for more information.  Made possible by the family of Shane Leone.  


Information and Reference Materials:

As a service to our community and clinical professionals, the NeKF provides copies of brochures and fact sheets on a variety of renal related topics, developed locally or provided by the National Kidney Foundation and other healthcare organizations.  Brochures are distributed to physician offices, provided at community events and are available for order.  For a complete listing of available topics, email

When Your Kidneys Fail:

This valuable resource book provides basic information on kidney function, renal failure, treatment, diet, transplantation, legal issues, and financial resources.  Copies are available for $15 by emailing The Renal Exchange Booklet: This nutritional workbook is a handy tool in helping dialysis patients manage their kidney diet.  Ask your renal nutritionist for a copy or print a free copy here.


Published regularly, the NeKF newsletter keeps members and supporters up-to-date on  programs, services and special events; educational opportunities; important legislative changes; dietary guidelines; and research efforts and advances.  For information on any of the programs and services listed above, email or call 518-458-9697.